So Bryan Gratton asked a great questions during the Church Tech Debate series,

"I was wondering if you guys do any stuff with multiple screens and projectors? We're looking to move to that and i was interested in what you guys use if you do that."

Great question Bryan and the short answer is no we do not. Forefront does not use multiple screens, but this is something we aim for in the future. There are a few different ways to accomplish this:

This gives you the freedom to send your presentation (pro presenter, media shout, easy worship, etc) to as many screens as the splitter allows. All you need is the box and long enough cables to send it to your screens. If you send the signal longer than 100 ft., you need a signal booster to keep the image/signal clear.

This little piece of golden goodness let's you take your normal image and use it stretched across multiple screens to make one HUGE image. If your content is wide screen and you're looking for a great way to make your set design look amazing (video backdrops across the entire stage, etc), this is the way to go. but it does not give you the capability to have three separate images, just one large image.

#3. Thinking Outside the Realm of "Church"
When you go to concerts, art exhibits, sporting events, etc... they WOW you. Now don't get me wrong, my personal preference is to keep it simple and let content reign (which is another post all together), but being creative means doing something that doesn't "copy" what has already been done. Do something new. Be different. Allow failure in the attempt of being innovative.

That being said, here are a few examples of people who get it. Everything for video backgrounds edited to sync with the band in an amazing way to creating a video cross that just looks ridiculously cool. 

Multi-screen madness at Buckhead- link here
Video cross- (photo below)
Try stuff. Be someone who inspires and who who knows... You might stumble upon the "next big thing" that everyone copies. Ha. Then you can say you did it first. 


  1. Anonymous said...
    FYI - You can in fact have three separate images using the TripleHead2Go.

    Quoting the Matrox site: "....this small box lets you run different applications on each display or view one application across up to three monitors."
    Jason said...
    Re: Anonymous...

    Yes. This is true to a certain extent. If you wanted to run a logo or something on the sides and lyrics in the center, you could. but, you would have to have two different program interfaces running on the control computer window.

    It gets crowded and would be very difficult in a live situation. The quote you noted from the Matrox site seems to point more to an individual who works at an office who wants to (for example) have a word processor on one monitor, email on the second and a video project on the third.

    To run multiple presentation software programs out of your VGA or DVI connection to the triplehead2go would be chaotic.

    If you have volunteers running your presentation stuff for Sunday mornings like we do... it would be hard for one person to run 2 or more programs at one time. If that is the realm Bryan or whoever is looking for, it woul dbe time to look towards multiple computers and a video switcher.

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